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Mailbox rental

Worldwide Mail & Package Forwarding Service!

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Mailbox rentals are the foundation of our business; we pride ourselves on careful and expert handling of your mail and parcels. For this reason, we have loyal customers not only from all over Los Angeles, but also from neighboring cities such as Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Culver City and Venice. Our service extends all over the U.S. and even to Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Security and confidentiality are among our highest priorities. We’re not just renting mailboxes; we’re supplying customer service at a high level. Our mailbox rental customers reward us with their loyalty by renewing year after year.

Our mailbox service presents many advantages over the traditional P.O. Box rental at the Post Office because of the following:

✚ A prestigious Westwood Blvd. address in Los Angeles — no P.O. box
✚ 24-hour access to your mailbox
✚ Mail and parcel receiving from all major carriers
✚ Package notification via text/email
✚ Confidentiality and security
✚ Mail and package forwarding to just about anywhere
✚ Call-in service to check for mail and packages. Email too!
✚ Fax receiving and notification

Many U.S. online merchants and suppliers do not ship overseas, or charge substantially high international shipping rates. At Mail and More in California, we take special interest in our international online shoppers by providing a U.S. shipping address accepted by all U.S. retailers. We then forward received packages to the specified worldwide forwarding destination. With us, you receive quality service while avoiding the high rates.

 We have the most competitive Mailbox Rates in Los Angeles area.

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Why rent a private mailbox?

Perhaps you run a home-based business, or want a temporary address while getting settled in Los Angeles. Maybe you’re a frequent traveler? Perhaps privacy is a priority? Or, you’re an enthusiastic online shopper who can’t wait all day for valuable deliveries.

Our West Los Angeles mailbox rental service meets these needs and many more.

Getting started

Contact us today and learn how our mailbox rental services can make business more efficient and life more simple. Read more about our policies and services in the mailbox rental FAQs.
There are no set-up fees for establishing an account. Ask about multi-month discounts.

Download our Mailbox Forms or request delivery of them.

Advantages of mailbox rentals:

❯❯ Signing: No more waiting around for the delivery driver so you can sign for your valuables. No more packages returned to sender.

❯❯ Package acceptance: The Post Office does not handle deliveries from UPS, FedEx and the other major carriers. We do, all day long.

❯❯ Worldwide mail and package forwarding service: Mail & package forwarding service is valuable for most customers, especially those who do not live locally.

❯❯Anonymity and privacy: All dealings with Mail and More in California are confidential. Incoming mail only shows our Westwood Blvd. street address and your box number.

❯❯ Security: No more worrying about packages and envelopes left outside your home or business, vulnerable to theft. Whether you’re shopping online, ordering business supplies or awaiting important documents, we accept every delivery and keep it safe.

❯❯ Home business: Mailbox rental services are vital for many small, home-based businesses. Customers see a real street address, adding to the professionalism and credibility of your business. For example, most sellers on Amazon and eBay use private mailbox services.

If you plan on forwarding your mail, the $10 key deposit is NOT required. Unlike the franchise stores such as The UPS Store®, our mailbox clients are NOT required to pay an initial non-refundable set up fee.

Mailbox rental frequently asked questions

Please view our Mailbox rental FAQs should you have any questions regarding our Mailbox rental.